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Author Topic: Amazonian Fish Forum Rules  (Read 270 times)

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Amazonian Fish Forum Rules
« on: May 16, 2011, 06:14:04 am »
Amazonian Fish Forum Rules
These are our list of rules for Amazonian fish forum. Please abide by them and donít try to break them. They are simple rules, but will keep this forum in check and keep it pg. if a rule is broken; the individual will receive a written warning from staff the first time, after the first incident another warning and depending on seriousness possibly suspension and the third strike will result in a banned. Please letís not go this far. These are simply rules.
Rule 1: Absolutely no cussing or profanity is allowed. If you want, please use *** but use it very limited.
Rule 2: Please no rated r topics allowed. This doesnít qualify for the three strike system; we see it once youíre gone.
Rule 3: Please limit the off topic discussions in threads. It gets boring and distracting to the author of the thread.
Rule 4: Be respectful to all members of the site. If someone makes a post you donít like please report it and staff will look into it.
Rule 5: No copyrighting pictures unless you have permission. This doesnít qualifiy for the three strike system as wellare our simple rules, not too hard to follow, right?
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